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RFPs for Enhancing Seneca R7 School District's Athletic Complex Parking Lot

Enhancing Seneca R7 School District's Athletic Complex Parking Lot

In an effort to elevate the parking experience at the Seneca R7 School District's athletic complex, a significant improvement project is underway. The overarching goal is to increase parking availability while upgrading the existing rock parking lot. This initiative involves a comprehensive scope of work that includes paving approximately 6,050 square yards of the baseball/track parking lot. The project's timeline aims for completion by April 1, 2024.

To ensure transparency and adherence to essential regulations, the district has outlined detailed contractual terms and conditions. This includes compliance with prevailing wage requirements, mandatory safety training for laborers, and a commitment to federal work authorization programs to prevent the employment of illegal workers.

Bidders for this project will undergo a rigorous evaluation process, with criteria such as bid amount, references, local business involvement, and past performance playing pivotal roles in the selection of the winning bid. The awarding of the bid is scheduled for the October 18th school board meeting, with a notice to proceed issued the following day.

For interested parties, detailed bid preparation requirements and points of contact for inquiries are provided. The district encourages potential bidders to review the comprehensive information and prepare their bids accordingly.

To access the full details of this project and participate in the bidding process, please refer to the two documents provided below: (the same two documents are provided in .docx and .pdf files for your convenience)

Parking Lot RFP
Download DOCX • 23KB
Curb RFP
Download DOCX • 22KB

Parking Lot RFP.docx
Download PDF • 108KB
Curb RFP.docx
Download PDF • 107KB

This project presents an opportunity for contractors to contribute to the enhancement of the Seneca R7 School District's athletic complex parking lot, ultimately benefiting the school community and visitors alike. For more information and to participate in this exciting project, explore the provided documents.


For information regarding safety on any campus, please contact our School Resource Officer (SRO):  Officer James Kelly, Phone: 417-776-3926, Email:
First Day of School will be August 20, 2024
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