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For information regarding safety on any campus, please contact our School Resource Officer (SRO):  Officer James Kelly, Phone: 417-776-3926, Email:
  • Rebecca Bale - Principal
    Karen Butler - Administrative Assistant
    Tasha Auman - Administrative Assistant
    Jason Brant - Counselor
    Andrea McCoy - RN
    Tiffany Culley - Media Specialist

    Whitney Jones - Ed Tech Specialist

    Katie Mock - Instructional Coach

    Janet Mathre - Custodial

    Raeanne Dragoo - Cafeteria 

    Verla Rhinehart - Cafeteria 

    Marsha Markham - Cafeteria 

    Reina Christmas - Cafeteria 

  • 7th/8th Grade
    Murphy Collinsworth - Social Studies
    Caanan Vermillion - Language Arts
    Dale Hunter - Science
    Holly Hymer - Math
    Jamie Zahm - Science
    Tamara Morey - Math
    Breann Stephens - Language Arts

    Julie Repplinger - ESL

    Joe Hinds - Special Education

    Stephanie Sinclair - Special Education

    Stephanie Cole - ELA Intervention K-12

    Kevin Napier - Social Studies

  • Keelee Burton - PE/Health
    David Myers - PE/Health
    Erik Yoakam - PE/Weights
    Tyler Jones - Band Director

    Joseph Fry - Band
    Chris Tanksley - Choir

    Marcus VanDorn - Pianist
    Lisa Graham - Computers
    Beth Lawson - Art
    Taylor Walker- Vo Ag.

    Haden Henson - STEAM

    Emily Wooten - Speech and Debate

  • Jami Todd
    Melony St. Clair
    Joni Stelts

    Kayla French

    Allison Gil

    Ashley Hurley


All library books are now categorized into the following genres:


Sports Action/Adventure Fantasy Romance

Animals Realistic fiction Science fiction Historical fiction

Novels in verse Ghost/Horror/Suspense Dystopian Classics

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