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Reminder for Seniors

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

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Reminder for Seniors

You need to show proof of your meningococcal booster to pick up your schedule in August!

These can be: Dropped off in our office through the end of June Faxed to 417-776-1878 Bring it with you to Schedule Pickup

Parents of students needing this booster were mailed a letter before school was out. If you don't know if your student is up to date; please contact your the office where you take your child for vaccinations.

Update: Office staff will be back in the office August 1st.

Weekdays from 8-11 & 12-3.


For information regarding safety on any campus, please contact our School Resource Officer (SRO):  Officer James Kelly, Phone: 417-776-3926, Email:
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