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Freshman Orientation 2023-24

Freshmen Orientation Letter 23-24
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(You can download the PDF of this document from the link provided)

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at Seneca High School! It is time for our annual Freshman Orientation, and we would like you and your student to be a part of the event. Schedules will be picked up by a parent after the parent attends one of the Freshman Orientation Parent Meetings.*

Chromebooks may be picked up at Freshman Orientation or Open House after a Seneca High School Device User Agreement has been filled out and insurance money has been paid.

STUDENTS - Thursday, August 17th - 9:00 am - 11:00 am in the OLD GYM

Meet your principals, Mr. Hueller and Mr. Gassaway, ice-breaker activities, club questions, what not to wear fashion show, tour the building, find freshman lockers, learn the Freshman pep assembly chant, and an introduction to the teachers, etc.

9:00 am – 9th grade and new students report to the OLD GYM – Please arrive about 8:45 am

10:30 am - Meet back in the OLD GYM for closing announcements

11:00 am – students will be dismissed from the activities

5:00 pm-7:00 pm – OPEN HOUSE at all Seneca school buildings. If your parents have attended a parent meeting, then you will have your schedule and you may find your classes and meet your teachers.

PARENTS – Please attend a parent meeting at either time: Thursday, August 17th – 9:00 am OR 5:00 pm both in the NEW GYM.

Learn policies on attendance, dress code, course credits, etc. At the end of one of the Freshman Orientation Parent Meetings you will receive your child’s 9th grade class schedule. All fines/fees need to be taken care of at this time.

The parent meeting will take approximately 30 minutes.

*9:00 am OR 5:00 pm – Freshman Orientation Parent Meeting in the NEW GYM (north west gym)

*5:00-7:00– OPEN HOUSE at all Seneca school buildings. Find your students' classes and meet teachers.

We are looking forward to meeting the freshman class, and we are planning for an exciting and productive year!

Thank you,

Abigail Clark and Rebecca Otey

Student Council Advisors

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What if….???

What if I want to change my class schedule? – Requests to change will not be completed during Orientation or during Open House. You may make an appointment for Monday, Aug 21st in the counseling office to request a change. Parents must be present to change classes prior to school beginning. There are limited slots available between 8:30-11:30. Students may also request a change on the first and second day of school (Tuesday the 22nd and Wednesday the 23rd) and a form will be sent home for a parent signature. This form will need to be turned in prior to 7:45 am on Friday the 25th. All schedules will be FINAL at 8:00 am on Friday, August 25th for the semester. Keep in mind that students may have only one schedule change form in a semester.

* What if the student can come to the Orientation and the parent cannot? – Schedules will be passed out at the completion of each of the PARENT meetings. Therefore, if a parent does not come then the student will not have their schedule early. Students may pick their schedule up on Monday, Aug 21st OR the first day of school. A powerpoint presentation of the Freshman Orientation Parent Meeting will be given to the student when the schedule is picked up.

What if I owe money from a Junior High bill? These are rolled over to the high school, and owing fines/fees could keep your student from attending certain events or field trips. Please pay these as soon as possible.

All fines and fees need to be paid before a student’s schedule will be handed out.


For information regarding safety on any campus, please contact our School Resource Officer (SRO):  Officer James Kelly, Phone: 417-776-3926, Email:
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